Closed Circuit Technical Rebreather

For many technical divers closed circuit rebreathers (CCR) are the way forward when it comes to technical diving. Whilst rebreathers have been around for many years at the deeper end of technical diving, they are now becoming increasingly popular with the rest of the diving community. Rebreathers are finding their way into the recreational diving arena and increasingly into technical diving in caves and wrecks.

There are many advantages to closed circuit diving. One of the main advantages of rebreathers is that because the air you breathe is recirculated and scrubbed of CO2 your air supply lasts much longer than in open circuit technical diving. This is a very important consideration when diving deeper than 50 to 60 metres. A second aspect of this is that when diving trimix the helium within the trimix can be prohibitively expensive if diving open circuit. For this reason the majority of deeper technical divers now use rebreathers.

At Rubicon Diving we offer a full range of rebreather training courses from your first try dive right through to rebreather instructor. All of our rebreather courses are taught to the high standards set by American Nitrox Divers International (ANDI).

We can provide rebreather training on a wide range of rebreathers including; JJ CCR, SF2 backmount and sidemount, AP Diving Evolution and Inspiration, ISC Megalodon and Pathfinder, Liberty CCR, Poseidon MKVI and se7en. All of these units can be supported with 2 or 3 litre diluent and O2 tanks as required, sofnolime, rigged bail outs (7 litre and S80) and normoxic and hypoxic trimix gases.